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Nine-Year-Old Boy From Dallas Goes Fishing

A nine-year-old boy from Dallas loved to spend time with his older brother and two younger sisters. A favorite family pastime was fishing off a pier with their dad. To re-live old memories and make new ones, the young boy wanted to take one last fishing trip with his family. Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer paid for the family to travel to Southern Louisiana and spend two days fishing together making everlasting memories on a boat with a tour guide showing them the best spots to catch the biggest fish.

Boy Hosts Texas Longhorns Game Watching Party

A young man from a small Texas town with just weeks left in his young life was hospitalized during the 2005 college football national championship game. He loved the Texas Longhorns and dreamed of hosting a big game watching party for his family and friends. Sadly, his parents could not afford such an affair and the young man could not leave the hospital. Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer paid for a watch party at the hospital complete with his favorite foods, drinks, Texas jerseys and signs, and many of his closest friends and family.

Five-year-old Girl Lives Her Princess Dream

A five-year-old girl in Houston diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor was living in a one-bedroom apartment with her single mother. Every day she would dream her illness away by pretending to be like the princesses she saw on TV and in her videos. Her mother desperately wanted to make this dream come true but couldn’t afford more than her meager household expenses. Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer made this dream come true by delivering a white “princess bed” complete with a new mattress, bedding and a special canopy. CD also provided sparkling nightlights, princess pillows and rugs to complete the princess suite.

12-Year-Old Boy With Leukemia Gets Computer

A 12-year-old boy living with his parents was diagnosed with Leukemia. Despite lengthy hospital stays, he tried his best to keep up with friends and family, but struggled to do so simply using the telephone. His parents were falling behind on house payments and household bills so they couldn’t afford to buy him a computer to help him have an easier form of communication with loved ones. Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer bought the boy a laptop so that he could busy himself with computer games during the long hospital stays and keep up with the lives of those he cared about most.

Eight-Year-Old Boy and His Spiderman Dream

An eight-year-old boy was bedridden in the hospital due to his terminal cancer with only days to live. His mother and father remained steadfast by his bedside. Desperate to provide something special for his son, this boy’s father called on Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer to provide the one thing last wish that this boy had always dreamed, a visit with Spider-man. Within 24 hours CD arranged for an authentic and licensed Spider-man character to visit this boy in his hospital room. For several hours they talked, read Spider-man books, and watched the latest Spider-man DVD.

A Girl Gets The 16th Birthday Party of Her Dreams

A young girl living in Dallas who was diagnosed with a terminal Leukemia bravely fought her illness for several years. She spent month-after-month in treatment only to see her cancer worsening. She desperately wanted to experience a day of beauty for her birthday but such an extravagance was out of her parent’s financial reach. Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer provided this girl and several close friends the 16th birthday party of her dreams with a limousine ride to a special salon for manicures, pedicures and hair makeovers. The evening concluded with a pizza party with a DJ and a slumber party at a local hotel.

Gifted Young Artist Becomes A “Star For A Day”

A gifted young artist from Houston dying of cancer dreamed of being a “star for a day”. Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer provided this young girl real “star” treatment with a shopping spree for a new dress and spa treatments for hair and make-up. CDF had her artwork professionally framed and hung in a real gallery. A limousine then delivered the family to a catered art exhibition attended by some 60 family members and friends.

Boy Gets A Parrot To Care For

A 17-year-old boy living in Austin with his parents was dying of his cancer. For years, he watched as his parents and medical professionals took care of his every need. His one desire was to be able to care for someone else. One therapy, he often enjoyed was when animals and birds were brought to the hospital to interact with patients. At his parent’s suggestion, Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer purchased the boy a parrot which gave this young man exactly what he wanted most, to pour his heart into caring for something else other than himself.

Mavericks Play-Off Game For A Boy’s Entire Family

A young boy from a small town was being treated in Dallas for his never-ending battle with cancer. He and his brother loved watching sports, but basketball and the Dallas Mavericks were their favorite team. Seeing them in person was always a dream but both boys knew their parents could never afford such an extravagance. No one in the family had ever seen a professional sporting event. Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer purchased tickets to a Maverick’s play-off game for the entire family. Afterwards, they enjoyed a steak dinner in downtown Dallas and stayed the night in a high-rise luxury hotel. The boy also got a jersey of his favorite player, Dirk Nowitzki.