HALO Group is our new network of young professionals dedicated to raising awareness and funding for Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer.

In late 2011 four friends-Michael Dabney, Katie Braden, Holt Martin and Jake Young- grown children of Clayton Dabney board members and supporters, got together to pitch ideas on how they could start a next-generation movement for Clayton Dabney and, voila, The Halo Group was born. In 2012, the Halo Group held its first two fundraisers, a Pre-St. Patrick’s Day party at Stan’s Blue Note and a Halloween Funk O’Lantern costume party at the Granada Theatre. Both events were wildly successful, bringing awareness of Clayton Dabney to more than 1,000 young professionals and raising more than $10,000 for our mission. Since then a 3-par golf tournament and other events have taken place. In 2014 Houston started their own Halo group bringing even more awareness to Clayton Dabney.

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